How Garage Sales in Canada are Unique

How Garage Sales in Canada are Unique

 by Guest April 24, 2015

Garage sales are universal traditions of developed nations. Almost every level of society in a developed nation embraces the tradition of inviting the public into individual garages, driveways and yards in order to sell used personal items. This is largely considered to be the most convenient and the most hospitable way of selling personal items in bulk. However, every country approaches garage sales in slightly different ways, depending on the country’s region, weather, community involvement and goods to sell.

In Canada, garage sales have their own, unique style that sets them apart from the rest of the world. Canada is known for its long winters and frigid temperatures, which certainly has an affect on how garage sales are executed. All garage sales are held in the summertime, and the community at large comes out to support them, making offers on the uniquely Canadian wares.

A number of regions in the North Hemisphere have their garage sales in the summer, but for a place as northern as Canada, summer time garage sales are an immovable necessity. Temperatures in Canada during the winter months are almost unanimously below freezing, and even the spring and fall months are marked by cold and inclement. Canadians do not bother with any of the plans and preparations that are made for a garage sale until the summer weather begins.

Garage sales are a largely communal effort in Canada. Unlike the United States, where weather is warmer, Canadians are less social in the winter and fiercely social in the summer. A huge majority of their outdoor living is done in the summer months. It is very common to see community wide garage sale events in Canadian cities and towns because there is a shorter block of time to host them in. Garage sale maps are made and the sale events are promoted in newspapers and on websites.

Even the items that are sold at Canadian garage sales are uniquely Canadian. In no other country’s garage sales can shoppers find quite as good a selection of winter clothes and shoes, winter athletic equipment and winter outdoor equipment.

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