How to conduct a successful garage sale in Canada

Do you know that you can make extra cash from the unused items sitting in your garage? You can have a great garage sale in Canada and make lots of money for yourself. It might be a tasking process but the dividends are always worth it.  

If you don’t know how to conduct garage sales, here are some tips to help you get started

Take out what you don’t need

Not everything in your garage is suitable for sale and they could be disrupting you from accessing the important ones.

Hence, all you need do is remove all what you won’t be needing. Decluttering is one of the profound ways to make you take inventory of all you have.

Hence, check through your garage or other available storage spaces for what you don’t need and take them out.

Sort and organize the items

A garage sale is no easy task. You will not want to have everything disorganized as it could prevent you from having a smooth sales. To sort and organize your items, there are three categories you need to take note of: Keep, sell and trash.

You keep the items that are still important to you, sell the ones that are good and useable and bin the out-of-use ones.

At this point, don’t be bothered about pricing until you’ve sorted and organized.

Fix a price for the items

This is another point where you need to work hard. For each item, it would be great to check how much other stores sell theirs, and fix a price below it. In addition, you can check online junkyard stores and use their prices as a yardstick to fix yours.  

You should be willing to bargain as some customers might not want to pay the fixed price. Hence, as a general rule of thumb, fix the prices slightly above your intended price.

Set a date and venue

This is the last part of planning a garage sale. You have to select a convenient and easily accessible place for the sales. It is advisable to use an open space so that the items would be properly displayed.

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