How to host a garage sale in Canada

Hosting a garage sale in Canada is very easy if you follow these simple steps. These steps are:

1. Involve your neighbors

The neighborhood can help spread the word when people come together, sign up everywhere, and post balloons at intersections. Then, as everyone pools their resources — including multitudes of children — word will spread quickly.

2. Post an advertisement for your garage sale

Get the word out without spending a dime on advertising. Make use of free classified ads like Craigslist and Kijiji, and post on Facebook.

Make use of old-fashioned paper signs around your neighborhood. You can also search for your neighborhood’s name on Google to see if there is a website where you can post.

3. Rain date

Decluttering your home isn’t impossible despite a bit of rain. Consider setting up a portable gazebo outside just in case. A garage or shed would be an ideal location to hold the sale. You can also advertise a rain date if all else fails.

4. Price sale items ahead of time

You are more likely to undervalue a thing when you price items on the fly when people are right there standing before you.

Consider the price and pick one that’s reasonable.

5. Choose Saturday over Sunday

The pros and cons of both days are similar, but Saturday is the better choice. You can extend the sale a second time during the weekend, and Sunday can be the rain date if you need it.

6. Merchandise like a pro

You can improve your products’ appeal by arranging them neatly and well, just like you would in a store.

Clutter weighs us down, and getting rid of it makes us feel good. The feeling is even greater when you let go of money and make money by enjoying yourself.

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