Tips for a Garage Sale Host in Canada

Garage Sales in Canada

Garage sales in Canada are unique as compared to the garage sales in the rest of the world. They have their own style and culture, and offer a one of a kind assortment of items. As a Canadian hosting a garage sale, you want to move as many items as possible by appealing them to your customers. There are a number of things a garage sale host in Canada should think of in order to host a successful garage sale. Rather than stumble through your garage sale event, consider the advice of avid garage sale hosts:

  • Carefully select your calendar date around weather trends and other major calendar events in the area. Pleasant weather and open calendars indicate the perfect garage sale conditions. Also consider which day of the week will bring in most customers and what time of day is best suited for a neighborhood sale. Being savvy of all these factors will raise the level of success of your garage sale.
  • Promoting the sale in advance drastically raises the level of foot traffic directed toward your sale. You can do this through media outlets, such as local newspapers of favorite community websites, or you can do it the old fashioned way and place signs up around the neighborhood letting people know dates, times and locations. For a busier sale, do some of both types of advertising!
  • Set up for the big day gradually instead of cramming it all into one day. This will give you time to prepare for and anticipate surprises. In setting up, be sure to cover details such as price labels, cash box preparation and a plan for how your sale items will be laid out.
  • A garage sale host should always have a back up plan ready for bad weather. It is a hassle to call off the sale and reschedule. Instead, have room prepared for sale items that are delicate or cannot get wet under neath a shelter, and have space ready for items that are able to get wet or wind blown outside.
  • Be prepared to negotiate the prices of sale items and quickly lump item prices together for large purchases.
  • The items that are left behind at a garage sale – the ones that did not sell – can often be time consuming to dispose of. Several ideas for what to do with leftover garage sale items are donate them to your favorite thrift store, or have a junk removal service come to collect them.
  • Be prepared to negotiate the prices of sale items and quickly lump item prices together for large purchases.

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