Tips for Garage Sale Shoppers in Canada

Canada garage sale shopper tipsHave you ever made your way around garage sales in a Canadian city, searching for the item you set out for, taking care to stop and browse at every sale? Or, have you ever spent a day browsing sales without any goal other than to have a good time? Garage sales in Canada are a long standing tradition, as they are in the rest of North America. In the spring and summer months, people choose a day to set out all the personal possessions they are ready to part with and offer them for sale to anyone in the community who comes by. Being a garage sale shopper in Canada may be a one time activity or it may be a regular hobby. In order to have the best experience possible when garage sale shopping in Canada, consider the following tips from seasoned shoppers:

  • Select the garage sales that you are going to attend carefully. Good quality sales will make an effort to advertise, either in the local media or in street signs guiding the way to the sale house. By paying attention to how the sale is promoted, one can begin to tell what area the sale is in, how big the sale will be, what kind of selection the sale will have and whether or not it is worth attending.
  • Arriving early is important to your shopping success. As a day carries on, a garage sale is likely to offer fewer and fewer items. Getting there early ensures that the shopper will be able to browse the full selection of items for sale.
  • Try not to shop with specific items in mind for purchase, but rather come prepared for a shopping adventure of browsing. If you must shop with specific items in mind, be prepared to be flexible in what kind of style and quality of the item you will settle for.
  • Be prepared to haggle with the sale host for items. This practice is expected from garage sale shoppers and can earn shoppers excellent bargain prices on sale items.
  • Do not forget to come prepared for elements! This is Canada we are talking about, after all. In many areas, the weather can change at a moment’s notice from hot to drenched.

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